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Posted by [email protected] on August 25, 2015 at 5:10 PM

The One You Love

There is this feeling one has when one knows they have found the perfect person to have and to hold. Can you imagine what it would be like, if you and that person going along with your lives and suddenly, your special love is no longer around? The feeling of heartbreak cannot be discribed. I cannot even begin to imagine what that would be like. Persons reading this blog though, may just have an experience similar to what i am talking about here. 

I have been in a situation where, I met this girl and upon getting to know more about her, started to fall in love. She expressed herself with all her heart, her love to me. Never before in any of my previous relationships have i had such feelings for anyone. I had a feeling i couldn't and still cannot discribe. The details of our relationship cannot be disclosed, but, I know the connection we had was strong. unfortunately we broke up for about 3 years now and I can't seem to get over the fact. Even though I was reaching out to her with this unique feeling that still exist, I am beginning to think that whatever transpired closed her heart to my ongoing request to retrieve what we had going for 2 years.

Another situation caught me recently where another female was attracted to me and I to her, but somehow i could not relieve myself of the feelings that still exist from the previous relationship. It is important that you not go into any relationship if you still have feelings for your ex, because it will not turn out on your behalf for the next girl you get with. (A lesson for all my brothers out there in a similar situation.)

For those of you who have a partner you truly love and they cherish you. Try your best not to loose them over little things nor big things. That unique feeling can never be replaced by anyone at all. Love and care for the people who cherish you regardless of their past mistakes. ‪‪

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Keep Smiling, Stay Blessed and Keep it RealMedz!

-ShaynPrince (Aug. 22, 2015)

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