ShaynPrince Entertainment (Jamaica)

ShaynPrince Corporation exists to help discover and develop the talents of the youths in the areas of Music, Speech and Dance. In so doing, we have put some programs in place to aid in the development and discovery processes, while we seek to create platforms for the display of our members in the spirit of excellence.

We are in the early establishment of the whole vision, in that, we are now focusing on the Music Division where we develop the talents we have already discovered and launch workshops to extend our services to the people across the country. Music has a wide range of styles and genres and as a result, we will be embarking on mostly Cultural, Contemporary and Christian styles. 

Our members are mostly musicians and singers where majority are Christians, the others may not be, but, in time after experiencing the ministerial aspect of the company will be convicted and give their lives to Jesus. We hope to get Artiste interviews done for public broadcast so we can get to know more about the new, upcoming and existing Artistes and musicians.